Thursday, January 17, 2008


MIAMI,FLORIDA- RAW LEIBA was named Gym Magazine's "Fittest Human"for the year 2007, "GYM" visited over 2100 gyms across the United States and Canada including major gym chains Bally Total Fitness, LA FITNESS and 24HOUR Fitness to find the "Fittest Human"of the year 2007.
Just how does one become the "Fittest Human" you might ask? "Try a rippling chest and bicep muscles, a rock-hard 6 to 8 pack of abs and bodyfat under 5% on a 6ft 3 inch statue of a man then you've got Raw Leiba"says Lorie Fincotti editor of Gym Magazine. Mr Leiba's physique is obviously quite impressive and although we had a hard time choosing,in the end we are quite happy with our choice.
Raw Leiba a professional actor/stuntman and sportsmodel says he's been lifting weights for years and gets to the gym ad least 5 times a week and works a different body part each day. But what does he do for cardio? "I play alot of basketball" he says, " I get bored doing a treadmill or an elliptical machine and when im playing basketball its like im not doing cardio I'm competing".
In accepting the "Fittest Human" title Mr Leiba says,"I dont know if you can have a "Fittest Human"but i try to take great care of my body, some think i go overboard but a title like this makes me feel its all worthwhile.